The Brand

clothes meant to be worn again and again... cherished for the loved ones... handed down from mother to daughter... timeless

DEVA & GABO ® based in Paris, France, a couture, prêt à porter luxury designer brand was founded by Devaki and is a mother and daughter collaboration. Dreams and aspirations for her daughter led to creating a brand that is consciously aware for the future generation. 

Paris based, Singapore born Founder & Creative Director Devaki; with a background in fine arts and fashion design strives to merge the two disciplines of arts together; to create continuous permanent collections which are elegant, timeless and feminine; infused with colours and lightness. Collections which transcend time, trends and places; Season less; that can be appreciated forever by the discerning eye.

Inspired by nature, flowers and the poetic nuances of the butterfly for the Metamorphosis Sketchbook and the Bespoke Atelier Collection; Couture Art silhouettes, Hand Painted personally by Devaki, are curated alongside our luxurious, limited collections. Each of our Hand Painted Couture Art piece comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. A Couture piece, A work of Art - to treasure, to gift, to hand down from mother to daughter.

Our collection is dedicated to the multi faceted, cosmopolitan woman who is radiant, confident and a romantic at heart. Embracing everyday with elegance, as a new experience, a blossoming... she makes informed decisions when it comes to fashion. Appreciating the best without compromising on her style, taste and values. We endeavour to present to her our collection which embodies that sense of style and values. 

Finely made clothes; carefully designed for wearability, versatility and with an element of uniqueness. We use only the best of haut couture silks; provenance of established, traditional silk manufacturers in Como, Italy and Lyon, France. 

The entire collection is designed, prototyped and MADE IN FRANCE. We partner with scrupulously selected ateliers; valued for their ethical, responsible practices, excellent craftsmanship and the french couture savoir-faire. 

'each collection will look upon the precedent as an artist would from her sketchbooks and existing paintings; drawing inspiration and creating a thread of continuity and story for the artistic and design aesthetics of the brand '   - DEVAKI