A Thought for our Environment

 NATURE - a perpetual source of inspiration and a gem to preserve...

Respect for the environment and humanity are ingrained values since the inception of DEVA & GABO® paris.

We do not adhere to the fashion calendar and lifecycle. Ours is a continuous story told in parts to create a constant, evolving, beautiful picture.

Finely made clothes; carefully designed for wearability, versatility and longevity. Meticulous attention to all details; valuing craftsmanship; keeping in mind the modern discerning women and made to transcend fleeting trends and seasons. Each silhouette is then added to the existing collections thus creating a continuous, available journey for a versatile, cohesive and timeless wardrobe. 


Bespoke Hand Painted Silk Organza 

from nature... back to nature...

Our designing process starts with the fabrics. Particular attention paid to fabric quality and the production process of the mills we work with. Only the finest 100% natural fibres, renewable and certified fabrics are used in our collections. We work with mills from two regions in Europe - Lyon in France and Como in Italy. Distinguished family run mills which are ethical, transparent and responsible in their manufacturing practices; having expertise and savoir-faire in their long tradition. 


made to last... made with love... MADE IN FRANCE

All our garments are locally Made in France. We work with carefully selected ateliers in the Parisienne region for their excellent craftsmanship and expertise. Equal attention is given in making sure that the ateliers we work with are ethical and responsible towards their artisans. Fair wages, working conditions and security standards met according to the governing laws of France.

Supporting small artisanal ateliers and being in proximity with them allows us the possibility to scrupulously oversee every step of the production process of our garments to ensure our high standards are met and most importantly to get to know the people and the hands who make our clothes. 

Sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing close to our base in Paris upholds our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint towards our environment.

mindful consumption and conscious production

We endeavour to produce only limited quantities for each design in our collection at any given time. Not all designs will be produced immediately to adhere to our principle of no waste of materials and no excess of produced garments. 

Our Made to Order and Pre Order processes reaffirms our values on mindful consumption and conscious production to avoid waste and reduce the environmental impact.  

little details matter to complete our journey towards sustainability

Made in Germany labels and Made in the UK packaging and accessories. Our woven labels are made according to Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified materials by our chosen manufacturer in Germany who guarantees quality and environmentally friendly production. Our packaging and accessories are made in the UK using recycled (solar power used in recycling), vegan, ph neutral materials; keeping in line with our values.

Our story shall continue in this thread of thought to improve, evolve and better ourselves in ways to preserve and care for our nature...