from nature...  returned to nature...   

Silk dates back to 3000 BC. Originating in China, it was brought to Europe via the famed Silk Road, to Italy. Notably the region of Lake Como became the epicentre of silk production in Europe. The demand for this immensely desirable, luxury fabric led to a thriving trade on the continent. From Italy, silk production spread to France and centred in Lyon. Till today Lyon is the birthplace of the finest French Silks.

Our luxurious Silks are sourced from two renowned silk manufacturing houses in the Region of Como in Italy and Lyon in France.  Distinguished, family owned mills; ethical, transparent and responsible in their manufacturing practices; having expertise and savoir-faire in their long tradition handed down through generations.  

Pure Silk is comfortable and feels luxuriously soft against the skin. It is a natural thermal insulator, making it wearable for all climates. It is durable and has natural hypoallergenic qualities. Biodegradable, returning back to nature.

Our Silk garments are beautifully made on the outside as well as on the inside with couture finishings and stitches, by skilled artisans with the French savoir-faire.

 Silks of our Collections

Pure Silk Cady or Drap - Our 100% pure Silk Cady also known as Silk Drap is a noble, haute couture silk fabric appreciated for its excellent draping qualities, durability, richness of colour and weight. It is the main fabric used in our collections. From Como, Italy and Lyon, France.


Bespoke Hand Painted Silk Organza
Triple weighted pure Silk Organza - Our weighted Triple Silk Organza has a lustrous, matte sheen and is semi opaque. A beautiful crisp fabric to realise the desired looks for our ethereal dresses and blouses. From Lyon, France.


Pure Silk Crepe Satin - Our 100% pure Silk Crepe Satin, luxurious, soft and cool against the skin and valued for its beautiful draping qualities. From Como, Italy.


Pure Silk Satin Duchesse - Our 100% pure Silk Satin Duchesse is a noble, haute couture fabric appreciated for its silk quality, velvety sheen, durability, opacity and the ability to create opulent dramatic volumes in draping. The Silk Duchesse is used for our BESPOKE ATELIER Collection. From Como, Italy.


Bespoke Hand Painted Silk Shantung

Silk Shantung - Our 100% pure Silk Shantung has a beautiful richness in colour density. Opaque with a slight matte shimmer, gives this luxurious fabric a regal elegance. The Silk Shantung is used for our BESPOKE ATELIER Collection. From Como, Italy.