A Dialogue between Mother and Daughter


Importantly - a Dialogue between Mother and Daughter

Appreciate, Care and Love  

Every child had a time of playing dress up with her mother's clothes and it never really ends... the journey begins... Someday she might own a piece or two from her wardrobe and the dialogue continues...

Looking at my daughter, I see for her future and the generations to come...the planet will belong to them. If we continued without being apprehensive of the current situation of our planet and taking action in an informed manner; the future generations will face the consequences.

Conversations with my daughter since she was young about her shopping habits and the choices she makes; the perils of fast fashion consumption; raising awareness for our precious planet; in turn contributes to the preferences made for mindful consumption... starting from home. 

 to make the right choice, quality over quantity, to treasure, to gift, to exchange... to hand down from mother to daughter...