A Note from the Designer

transcending time and trends; season less clothings; meant to be worn again and again; cherished and handed down to the next generation.

The concept for the brand dawned on me years ago when I watched my daughter play dress up with my clothes. The dresses and blouses were floating around her little frame, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. 

"You can have these when you have grown up". Now, she borrows pieces from my wardrobe and styles them with her own flair. Timeless pieces; refreshed. 

An ardent critic and contributor to the design and creative process, she is the other half of the DEVA & GABO® team. 

Our brand's ethos and values are based on respect for the environment and humanity. Finely crafted clothings using only 100% natural fabrics; scrupulously sourced from Italian mills in Como and French mills in Lyon; made to order and produced in small quantities; thus respecting nature. Made locally in France by skilled artisans in small ateliers which are ethically managed. 

This is our beginning... we will endeavour to improve ourselves and will remain true to our brand's ethos and values.